Tips to cut plastic waste in your business

Reducing plastic waste in a service business can be done – it just needs a new perspective.

Ditch the plastic folders

My company has always presented documents to clients in ‘smart’ plastic folders. Over the years we must have handed out thousands. Hopefully, many were re-used – but all will reach an end to their lives and probably end up in waste. The solution is simple, switch to paper folders or bound-on paper or card covers. They do the job as well, can carry branding, and no waste.

Take control of the meetings

If you run meetings or seminars off-site, you can have quite a bit of control over waste. Often it’s just a matter of asking the venue – most are happy to comply to give their customer – ‘you’ – the experience you ask for. Stipulate paper cups for water, or ‘no disposable plastic cutlery’.

Carriers by the door

Here’s a great idea a colleague came up with. Have some carrier bags hanging by your company or office exit so that when staff want to slip out at lunchtime for a sandwich or some shopping they can take a bag with them. Ideally, they would be paper or cloth which could carry company branding – great promotional idea, like the office brolly! But even if they are common or garden ‘bags-for-life’, they can help reduce waste.

We’d love to hear your tips or ideas to get that plastic waste mountain down.

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